Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Magician

   This year has been one of my hardest years.  Every year the variety of behavior problems, and learning disabilities seem to increase and parallel with my responsibilities.  The love is still there for the kiddos, tho. This year is pretty questionable. When I return from a training or a random day off my classroom tells a story.  Mayhem, chaos and a release from structure are always evident.  I stand at my desk reluctant to read the substitutes detailed notes.
    Every day I roll up my sleeves, rack my brain and go in there (much like a prize fighter, I guess) and try out a different strategy.
    And every day, they morph, change and adapt to that brand new strategy like mutant DNA.
    Yesterday, I scrapped our daily schedule and  just went into some dramatic improvs spontaneously. The results were like magic.  The attention, the focus, the raucous laughter was there. They were in the palm of my hand.
    Leaving that day I grabbed my book bag, and I had to smile.  I turned off the lights and wondered, what will I pull out of my hat tomorrow?


  1. Many days of teaching feels a bit magical, don't they?

    Sorry you returned to not-so-happy notes from the guest teacher. That's the pits.

  2. During my 38 years teaching I lived in fear of an unpleasant sub not, but then something spectacular would happen. Keep that bag of tricks filled.

  3. They always know who cares about them ... and they always, always test a sub. The joy you describe here is palpable. Wishing many more of these magic moments for you and for them.

  4. I had a tough first semester, so I feel you on the hard year. Keep heading into the ring; even if they keep fighting back, they will be impressed that you stayed in there with them. And skip the sub notes - not worth it anyway. ;)